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the hits keep coming from conner youngblood

6 Aug

the fabulously talented conner youngblood has dropped yet another new song that is already in heavy rotation at Some Velvet Blog HQ. below, download “the warpath.” grab some more tunes from conner’s soundcloud here.

Download a new song from Conner Youngblood, “Proportions”

17 Apr

When I ran into Conner Youngblood at SXSW he told me he was working on some new material. Below, download a new song, “Proportions,” from his forthcoming Sketches pt.2 out later this year. It’s a gorgeous whisper of a soulful song, a hypnotic gem: pensive, seductive, well paced and in deep. In case you missed Sketches, pt. 1, you can grab it here. Go here to download “Proportions.”

conner youngblood returns with a gorgeous mixtape/collection of songs

1 Feb

I’ve been a fan of Conner Youngblood since back in december 2010 when I first discovered his music. The singer-songwriter just released a new mixtape/collection of gorgeous songs called Sketches, Pt. 1 that he’s offering as a free download <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ue0rt8tsdj6o8qf&quot;here. The songs are ambient, soulful, delicate, no-musical-boundaries kinds of gems that stretch the notion of what a “singer-songwriter” is capable of. He’s got a wonderful reworking of Michael Jackson’s “WIll You Be There” on it, as well as the song “Monsters” which is a tune that introduced a lot of fans to his music. It’s great having this collection from him and look forward to hearing more, and soon. #realdeal

Download a new song from Conner Youngblood, “Summer”

11 Mar

Here in the four seasons corner of the world, the arrival of a new song from Dallas singer-songwriter Conner Youngblood is a delicious taste of the sunny days ahead. “Summer” has that sweet summer breeze kind of vibe with a strummy, wistful pulse that sucks you in to it’s warmth. This one’s a real charmer.

More music from Conner here

meet conner youngblood

4 Dec

the first thing you think of when you hear the songs of dallas singer songwriter conner youngblood is this guy. but his soft lilting falsetto aside, youngblood’s “voice” comes off like a dream pop ray of sunshine. These two new songs showcase a couple sides of the Yale student’s music. “Monsters” starts out with some warm lilting washes of keyboards before a menacing yet seductive synth line kicks in to give the song some punch on top of a pretty cool banjo riff. “Girl Hair” is all soft and tender and pastoral and floats along like little fluffy clouds of acoustica. It’s gorgeous. Comparisons? Anyone remember A.R. Kane?

Download: Girl Hair – Conner Yougblood
Download: Monsters – Conner Youngblood

Check out more songs from Conner’s soundcloud page