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Soars drops another dreamgaze icy jam

28 Sep

Soars have set their controls for the heart of the sun. We told you about the icy musical bliss pop of Soars and how much we loved the jams on their debut album out next Tuesday La Société Expéditionnaire. The band return to Philly on November 27th playing at Johnny Brendas with a stop or two at CMJ that I guarantee you will have everyone talking. Here’s another MP3 from the album

Download: Figurehead – Soars

Still Corners Run Deep

27 Sep

London’s Still Corners are a psychedelic dreamy-pop band that is equal parts parsley, sage rosamary & thyme, Beach House euphoria, rainy days, twin peaks bliss, shimmering, sunshiny mornings and this band. The dig in starts below:

Don’t Fall In Love – Still Corners
(via No Fear Of Pop)

Here’s a song from the band’s first album (2007-ish, yeah, where were you?) Remember Pepper?
Download this: History of Love – Still Corners

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The Secrets of Baltimore’s Secret Mountains

20 Sep

The Baltimore band Secret Mountains recently released their new EP, recorded this past summer at Mad Dragon Studios in Philadelphia by Chris Baglivio and Evan Bernard of Philly’s Dangerous Ponies. Available on a very limited cassette run and digitally, Rejoice is the band’s second release; their first on Baltimore’s Friends Records. The title song “Rejoice” is moody, psychedelic, and filled with dynamic shifts in electrified sound, the band’s secret strength is in the gorgeous vocals from Kelly Laughlin. The band bring their stormy atmospherics in to town this weekend as part of the Philly F/M festival on September 24th at the El Bar in Fishtown.

Download this teenage daydream: Rejoice – Secret Mountains

New Real Estate 7-inch single comin down the Jersey Turnpike

22 Aug

From a forthcoming 7″ single from Real Estate out 10/12/10 on True Panther.

Here Come…the Wolf People

12 Aug

Coming soon on Jagjaguwar is Wolf People a London 4-piece not so much hung on the past as they are with bringing the past to a new generation. If you’ve gotten your rocks off on Tame Impala’s Floydian vision of the musical future, chances are you will dig the Wolf People’s early-Tullian take on the current stylings of classic Brit-Rock. Mixing blues, pub rock, classic 60’s UK-stoner-slightly-progrock jams that gently touch on Traffic, Cream, and most definitely “Benefit” era Jethro Tull, the Wolf People are a perfect complement to bands like the aforementioned Tame Impala and Dungen.
Their new album Steeple is out on October 12th. File under: the sound of tomorrow’s classic rock today.

Get a load of this English-rock action:
Download: Tiny Cycle – Wolf People

From their previous record:
Download: October Fires – Wolf People

The Sunset Returns

29 Jul

Last Fall I got all verklempt over Bill Baird’s band Sunset. Loved, loved, loved the last record and am rife with anticipation for the new album, which is being released in September 7th digitally and physically on October 12th

What I have heard from the band’s new album Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too on the wonderful Austin label Autobus Records has already raised my pulse with their heart warming, organic psychedelia.

Download: Late Night Dawning – Sunset
Download: Loveshines II – Sunset via

For more on Bill, check out Aquarium Drunkard’s new interview with him

Grinderman Return

26 Jul

“Heathen Child” is the new song from Grinderman. It is from the forthcoming new studio album Grinderman 2 out on Anti- Records on September 14th. Freaky rocking shit.

The Grip Weeds

3 Jul

From Central New Jersey The Grip Weeds are a psychedelic power-pop quartet featuring brothers Kurt and Rick Reil (on drums and guitar), Kristin Pinell (guitar) and Michael Kelly (bass). Vintage recording buffs, the band’s 60’s retro sounds never sound tired and if you dig the more power-pop leanings of the Golden Era of Nuggets, then this band should be your next crush. Their new album, the double Strange Change Machine is on Rainbow Quartz records, the band have the nerve to take on Todd Rundgren’s “Hello It’s Me” and succeed. The originals provide one manic pop thrill after another and brings to mind the tight pop of The Smithereens, The Seeds, The Grass Roots and The Zombies.

Here’s a couple songs that show off the band’s strength.

Download: Speed Of Life – The Grip Weeds
Download: Be Here Now – The Grip Weeds

The retro stylings of Tame Impala haven’t sounded this good since….

16 Jun

On first listen (and even more so on the second and third) I’ve become completely undeniably hooked and in love with the retro-psychedelia groove sounds of Australia’s Tame Impala. Their debut album, Innerspeaker does speak to the inner headphones of one’s psychedelic soul. Maybe this was what The Chamber Brothers meant when they said “My soul’s been psychedelicized” in their now classic Time Has Come Today. Most trippy indie-hipsters who were barely a concept during the Golden Age of Psychedelia wish they could make an album this good, a debut album that -word has it- was well worth the wait. The band are currently on tour with MGMT, stirring up quite a delicious buzz.

There’s a bit of a Lennon-twist to frontman’s Kevin Parker’s drawl with touches of Nazz, Cream’s bluesy & soulful psychedelia and some momentary Oughtistic style raving energy drawn from the baggy pants daze of Madchester (but that’s just the grooves talking). The band show some serious analogue dexterity, with dazzling effects, some fresh sounding guitar playing, fascinating rhythms and dreamy songwriting that takes you just to the edge of tomorrow and taunts you to stay out there before bringing you back at the end of each delicious song. Believe the hype.

Tame Impala