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I Heard These Guys Just Rocked It at CMJ

22 Oct


Stream New Brian Eno

18 Oct

From Brian Eno solo album

Listen below or stream here


6 Oct

Next week our friends over at RVNG are releasing the new 12-inch EP called The River from CFCF.
Montreal artist and producer Michael Silver is the man behind the initials and the title song (below) is a gorgeous mood setter that draws on the rhythmic and seductive energy of musicians like Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and David Sylvian – three artists he’s also included in this ambiently cool playlist he’s put together here. Luxuriate in the soundcloud jam wave below then grab a few samples from his playlist.

From CFCF’s October playlist:
Download: Awakening (Songs From The Treetops) – David Sylvian
Download: Amazing Grace – Daniel Lanois
Listen to the playlist here

Diplo & Lunice Wrestle With Deerhunter

29 Sep

“Picture yourself in a boat on a river/With tangerine trees and marmalade skies,” sang The Beatles. If there’s ever a lyric that takes you to a place, this one is it. And it’s that same imaginative place you’re taken to on this remix that Mad Decent just released. The Diplo and Lunice remix of “Helicopter” is a song from the new Deerhunter album, the 9.2 Pitchfork rated Halcyon Digest. This is a delicious, fluffy ride into happiness.

Soars drops another dreamgaze icy jam

28 Sep

Soars have set their controls for the heart of the sun. We told you about the icy musical bliss pop of Soars and how much we loved the jams on their debut album out next Tuesday La Société Expéditionnaire. The band return to Philly on November 27th playing at Johnny Brendas with a stop or two at CMJ that I guarantee you will have everyone talking. Here’s another MP3 from the album

Download: Figurehead – Soars

The Latest In Fashionable Ambience

12 Sep

Music for Hipster Airports. Wash my soul with light. Trance my mind with choice electronics. Dig into Mickey Mickey Rourke. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are floating in space.

Download all of Inner Gazings here

Teen Daze – No Regrets video

10 Sep

Loving this song/video.


All hail the French Horn Rebellion

10 Sep

The Milwaukee-to-Brooklyn brother duo French Horn Rebellion are strong like The Temptations, Hot Chip, Passion Pit, Janet Jackson, Hall & Oates, Phoenix and the cowbell. Robert and David grew up in Milwaukee. One of them does play the French Horn. They make music you can cut a rug to and a record coming out soon that I’m totally psyched to hear.

Download: This Moment – French Horn Rebellion

Download their The Database Taught Us How To DJ Mixtape here

New Laetitia Sadier

25 Aug

Y’all remember Laetitia Sadier, right? Of course you do! She of Stereolab (and a side project called Monade Ms. Sadier is releasing a solo album called The Trip on Drag City on September 21st. This new tune is pretty classic; patience is rewarded when it begins to pick up full-on hypnotic ‘Lab” style then comes down just slowly enough for a walk along the beach. This is nice.

Download: One Million Year Trip – Laetitia Sadier

really, a very stirring jam from Glasser

19 Aug

Photo by Aliya Naumoff

This is one of those songs that just grabs on to you and won’t let go.
Download: Home – Glasser
From her forthcoming album Rings coming out on September 28th, on the label with the magic touch (& kids, too) True Panther. Glasser’s Cameron Mesirow (who is a big fan of Joni Mitchell) plays it along the electonica lines of on this tune with some very cool, sinewy rhythms. For extra points, her mom is Casey Cameron, founder of new-wave group Human Sexual Response. Now that is cool.