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download “cayucas,” the b-side to the new oregon bike trails 7-inch single

5 Sep

“cayucas” is the b-side to the forthcoming single from oregon bike trails, the musical project of santa monica’s zach yudin. you can grab the 7-inch single from father/daughter records. kind of has a “cool jerk” vibe to it.

riding high with oregon bike trails

2 Sep

we loved oregon bike trails’ single deep sea diver for its breezy “good morning sunshine the earth says hello” sixties vibe that brought to mind the association, the girl from ipanema, and the soundtrack to hair. then we loved swimsuit cause in a weird way it reminded me of the sir douglas quintet. now, obt’s “high school lover” is coming out as 7-inch single w/ the song “cayucas” as the b-side from Father/Daughter Records that you must pre-order right here. we love “high school lover” cause in a weird way it reminds me of “got to give it up” by marvin gaye. by the way, zach from obt is a wonderful blogger. read his very first blog post from just about a year ago here.

High School Love – Oregon Bike Trails

Oregon Bike Trails

13 Feb

Oregon Bike Trails is Zach Yudin from Santa Monica, CA.
File under: Yummy yummy yummy i got beachwave in my tummy.