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X in their prime: “Johnny Hit And Run Pauline”

22 Aug

Skateboarding (& biking) In Philly’s FDR Park – A Side Of Philly Tourists Rarely See

10 Jul

If you’ve ever done a little (or a lot) of skateboarding at FDR Park in Philly you’re familiar with this amazing slice of cultural and social under life that occurs there. It’s all about punk rock, PBR’s, lots of cigarette smoke, tattoos, trash and absolutely amazing skateboarding & biking in the park that sits under I-95 bordered by the Sports Complexes on Broad Street & Pattison Avenue. The park is beautiful and when you go deep in to it, you’ll find this incredible skate/bike park that’s become quite an institution. Michael James Murray of The Calcutta Blog spent some time there on July 4, 2010 with a video crew filming the day’s events for a forthcoming documentary called FDR 7.4.10. Music is by The Trowels and the legendary McRad (go Chuck Treece and crew!) also performed that day. Check out the preview of the upcoming documentary below and also take a look at the pictures and account of The Pistola Press. This shit looks pretty cool. State of Independence, indeed, redefining the concept of under the bridge.

TRAILER: FDR 7.4.10 from Michael James Murray on Vimeo.