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New Nas

23 Nov

New Nas via Hypetrak. According to Hypetrak:

Here goes Nas’s submission to Carmelo Anthony’s latest Become Legendary mixtape. The song has been previously leaked in the past, but now finds its way on a proper platform. You’ll also find a wide array of other notable hip-hop acts on the project such as Bun B, Jadakiss, Big Sean, Ghostface Killah and N.O.R.E. to name a few. The project serves in conjunction with Carmelo’s latest signature shoe with Jordan Brand.

You can get the full mixtape here

Nas, “Foul Breeze”

Zilla Rocca Drops Some New Beats For You

2 Nov

South Philly born, raised and block rockin’ Zilla Rocca<>is one of our favorite DJ’s/rappers/producers/writers. He’s just dropped a new collection of beats and loops called Big Stupid Bangers. It’s a collection of 35 jams; some stone cold beats that could rock any party until the break of dawn and some signature futuristic-noir grooves that Zilla and his 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers are known for.

Zilla speaks:

Here’s 35 beats from yours truly. Most of these tracks were for projects that never dropped. Some are mixed beautifully and arranged as full songs. Others are just demo loops. Either way, you can’t go wrong hearing the best of what I’ve been quietly cooking up on the production tip since 2005.

You can download Zilla’s here. Check out some choice cuts below.

“It’s Got To Be That Dope”

“Main Street Money”

Laws lays down a hip-hop hit

12 Sep

Yonder over at Happy Parts my man Charles has busted out a great discovery by Brazilian born & Florida raised Laws. Dig the guy’s flow (reminds me a tad of Em). Dig the sample. Get one with the hook. This is strong. Produced by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

Download: Runaway – Laws

Grab a copy of Laws’ latest mixtape, 4:57PM here

Big Daddy Kane, Come On Now!

3 Sep

not correct in any way, but damn this song was good.

Can it be my de la clothes or is it just my de la song?

24 Aug

New Lauryn Hill

25 Jul

Via Pigeons and Planes check out this new song from Lauryn Hill.

What do you think of the song?

Download: Repercussions – Lauryn Hill

Lauryn talks with NPR’s Zoe Chace
Lauryn classic:

21st Century Kanye Man

9 Jul

By now I hope you’ve heard the amazing new Kanye West song “Power” and you’ve probably noticed that drop in sample of “21st century schizoid man” that makes this tune triple-y awesome. Some of you yon teens or hip-hop heads may not recognize the sample, so check out the video below.
The song: 21st Century Schizoid Man
Released in 1969.
From one of the greatest prog-rock records ever In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson

Dig it –

Francis and The Lights

8 Jul

Ever come across an adult sounding “rock” record that was almost too classically & traditionally smart for it’s own good? Is it possible for such a thing to exist anymore? Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, Nick Lowe (later era), Steely Dan, Ry Cooder; I can count some of these folks maybe on two hands whose records fit that bill. Well, this is the kind of feeling I get listening to It’ll Be Better by Francis and The Lights on Cantora Records. F&TL’s music is deep in blue-eyed soul in a Stevie Winwood/Scritti Politti kind of way. There’s definitely some touches of 80’s synth-pop on this album, but the beats rock and the melodies are superbly crafted, simplistic yet stylized. Francis is Francis Farewell Starlite, he who produced “Karaoke” by Drake from his new album, is a fan of Otis Redding and very likely the aforementioned Becker and Fagen. Xtra points for the album being less than 30 minutes long (all 8 songs are incredible) and I find it hard to believe that the guy is unsigned. And regardless of whether you’re an adult rocker, a hip-hopper, a pill-popper or and indie rocker you’ll dig this. Check out the tunes below and then buy this record.

For Days – Francis and The Lights
Get In The Car – Francis and The Lights
Darling, It’s Alright – Francis and The Lights

Francis and The Lights muxtape

Nothing says summer in Philly like this classic from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

7 Jul

Beasties vs. The Turtles

2 Jul

I love discovering original sample sources that are used in various songs, and just discovered this Turtles’ song used in the Beastie’s “Jimmy James.”
Compare and contrast the two.

Download: I’m Chief Kamanawanalea (We’re The Royal Macadamia Nuts) – The Turtles