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Listen to new music from Various Cruelties

30 Mar

I’ve written about the UK’s Various Cruelties before and am very happy to say they’ve got some new tunes out that you should immediately listen to. Particularly if you’re a fan of the classic Brit-pop stuff with a dash (or more) of soul. Their new 2-song single sparkles with melody and proper pop efficiency. I know everyone’s getting all up in the shit for The Vaccines (for good reason, they’re a refreshing blast of retro), however Various Cruelties take a different view of the Brit-pop experience and it’s a pretty solid one. Can’t wait till these cats hit the US.

“She Is The One”
Go here to listen to the rest of their soulful nuggets.

“Neon Truth”

Takin’ It To The UK Streets: Various Cruelties shows in London

17 Feb

Various Cruelties are a young band I wrote about back hereat which time I said they’re “bringing the young soul rebel back in to the Brit-rock,” with the release of their few singles.

While we’re still waiting for some dates in the States, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to let folks know they’ve got some London shows coming up including tomorrow evening at the Old Queens Head and a show on Saturday, February 26th at Rota @ Notting Hill Arts Club. Music below, which is a must listen (and support!).

Young Soul Rebels: The Now Sounds of Various Cruelties

15 Jan

Hailing from White City, London Various Cruelties have a few new tunes that are instantly classic and classic reminders that writing timeless, memorable songs is still at the heart of rock and roll. And that’s what these lads have accomplished in the little time they’ve been together. You’ll hear a little Arctic Monkeys, a little Sam Cooke, a little Strokes, a little Paul Weller. Bringing young soul rebel back in to the rock. Keep an eye on these guys.