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just five songs vol. 3

22 Sep

you know the drill. five songs. that’s why it’s called just five songs.

Because soul music is always right on time any time, morning noon night and the afterparty.
Download: Woman’s Gotta Have It – Bobby Womack

Because if Austin’s artsy 80’s/90’s indie rockers Glass Eye were to release an album today they’d kick everyone’s indie rock asses.
Download: People In The House – Glass Eye

Because this song is impossibly funky and nerdy at the same time.
Download: There’s That Grin – Deerhoof

Because The Vaccines do a pretty decent job covering Nick Lowe’s “The Beast In Me” I have a new found appreciation for them.
Download: The Beast In Me – The Vaccines

Because soul music has deep future, you should check out Steven A Clark
Download: Don’t Have You – Steven A Clark
Download Clark’s record for free here

the vaccines, “post break up sex”

16 Dec

I’m really digging this song from The Vaccines, “Post Break Up Sex.” Been there. Done that. You probably have too.

Here’s another catchy little tune from the band, “Blow It Up”

Blow It Up by The Vaccines