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The Psychedelic Pop Musings of Montreal’s The High Dials

18 Nov

The High Dials hail from Montreal. They’re psychedelic-pop rockers who recently released Anthems For Doomed Youth on Rainbow Quartz. Honestly, it was the album title that drew me in and while I was expecting some punk-rock explosion! it instead extols some of the finer qualities of the kind of jams that 60’s AM radio used to play. It’s a little bit Petty, a little Left Banke, a lot pure pop for now people. And that’s the way I like it. Check out two songs from album below.

Download: Chinese Boxes – The High Dials
Download: Uruguay – The High Dials

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The Hush Now

3 Oct

Boston indie-rockers The Hush Now just released an EP called Shiver Me Timbers that is pretty tight. I like the immediacy of their playing; they indeed rock, seemingly know how to write some pretty infectious tunes and lead singer Noel Kelly sounds a little bit like Morrissey in that Kelly sings sort of “up there.” The Hush Now ain’t reinventing indie-pop, but what they’re doing sure is great on this EP and they’ve got a sound , damn it, which is a lot more I can say for the hundreds I’ve heard all doing this same sort of thing. Like Ra Ra Riot or The Temper Trap, The Hush Now are mining some pretty cool pop songs.

Download: The Other Ones – The Hush Now
Download: Vietnam Giraffe – The Hush Now

New Laetitia Sadier

25 Aug

Y’all remember Laetitia Sadier, right? Of course you do! She of Stereolab (and a side project called Monade Ms. Sadier is releasing a solo album called The Trip on Drag City on September 21st. This new tune is pretty classic; patience is rewarded when it begins to pick up full-on hypnotic ‘Lab” style then comes down just slowly enough for a walk along the beach. This is nice.

Download: One Million Year Trip – Laetitia Sadier

Belle & Sebastian, The Boy With The Arab Strap

13 Aug

Always loved this song.

The Tempting Pop Ways of Tender Trap

9 Aug

The Tender Trap the movie – was a classic comedy film starring Frank Sinatra and Debbie Reynolds that came out in 1955. Not so sure if the film was an inspiration for Tender Trap – the band, but the indiepop’s new 3rd album Dansette Dansette has become summertime fun in the hallways of SVB’s offices. In the world of “twee-pop” Tender Trap’s Amelia Fletcher is an elder stateswoman, having worked in legendary bands like Talulah Gosh & Heavenly and on their first album in four years Tender Trap have delivered an infectious collection of ten songs that bring to mind the pop-ly past of Leslie Gore, The Chiffons, The Primitives & The Go-Go’s.

Download: Fireworks – Tender Trap
Download: Boyfriend – Tender Trap


16 Jul

I was a fan of the 2007 EP released by the Louisville band Cabin. It was the warmth of lead singer Noah Hewett-Ball’s lead vocals and his slightly skewed yet very crafty orch-pop songs that was the golden ticket. After they released their EP they seemed to have dropped off the map for a while. Which they did. The band went through some personnel changes and have come out on the other side with a terrific new album called Among The Rectangles And Changeable Parts on their own label. Cabin sit somewhere in the continuum occupied by Matthews/Fray/Coldplay with a dash of the Midlake thing thrown in for good measure and if that’s your speed then you should absolutely check out this free album. Ball can sing like an angel and this time around his soaring vocals are balanced by some lower register stuff that’s just totally hypnotic. And of course, it’s all about the songs and the accomplished playing. Just wonderful stuff.

Buried Beds return with a charmer

23 Jun

Philly’s Buried Beds have a new album called Tremble The Sails and are celebrating with a record release party in Philly this Friday at Johnny Brenda’s with special guests Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog and B.C. Camplight.

Has it really been 6 years since this ambitious indie chamber-pop group were named “Best Band” in Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of Philly 2004?” Indeed it has. The band was formed in 2003 by Eliza Jones and Brandon Beaver and they released their debut album in 2005. For their new (sophomore) album, the band recorded parts of the record at Dr. Dog’s studio, at Eliza’s “home studio” and was mixed by Nick Krill of The Spinto Band. Buried Beds’ new album is a collection of creative, well crafted songs, high on melody and charm. After their record release party this Friday the band will be on tour in July and August opening up for Me Without You.

Dig in.

Download: Breadcrumb Trail – Buried Beds

the drums the drums the drums the drums

10 Jun

summer’s here and the time is right for drumming in the streets. The Drums

Betting some bucks on Wages

10 Jun

Wonder what ever happened to Brooklyn’s Arizona?

Well they’ve been on hiatus. But happily, Phoenix WAGES has risen out of the dust with some new music.

Here’s what you need to know:

WAGES is James DeDakis (Drums, Vox), Nick Campbell (Vox, Guit), and Alex Hornbake (Bass, Vox), all previously of Arizona.
Their new 5 song EP in Sun was engineered by Alex and produced by Hank Sullivant (from the Whigs & MGMT). The music? The airy, spacious indie-pop elements are still there, but now the band has a wonderful batch of much more melodic and focused tunes. Listen for yourself.

Download: Eclipse – Wages

Kathryn Calder

27 May

You may know Kathryn Calder. Since 2006 she’s been a member of The New  Pornographers. She was a member of Immaculate Machine for several years; even doing some double duty with the Pornos until she joined the band full time. Even as the Pornos new record and tour is rolling out, Kathryn found time to record her alluring and charming debut album. Like the band she’s currently a member of, Calder knows how to stick the knife in pop tradition and twist it around just enough to give it a nice edge. Are You My Mother? is being released digitally on July 1st & physically on August 11th on File Under: Music.com.

Download: Slip Away – Kathryn Calder