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listen: new @Solar_Bears EP, inner sunshine

30 Aug

this just in from solar bears

Solar Bears video for “Forest Of Fountains”

10 Mar

Solar Bears

thank you solar bears for another gorgeous tune

30 Jan

Here’s a new song that Solar Bears just uploaded. “To Be With Her” shimmers with a warm pulsing glow of ambience, filled with the kind of melancholy that leads to surfaced memories of love and loss but with a spirit of optimism. It could work as a prelude to “Pale Shelter” by Tears For Fears.

To Be With Her by Solar Bears

Sun Airway get the Solar Bears remix treatment

24 Jan

When you get into the ambient dancey synth-vibes of Sun Airway’s 2010 debut album Nocturne Of Exploded Crystal Chandelier it makes sense that their songs are deserving of some remixes. And that’s just what the fantastic electronica duo Solar Bears have done to Sun Airway’s soaring, um, Pet Shop Boys-like “American West.” On it, the Bears (John Kowalski and Rian Trench) turn up the Euro-disco quotient a bit and stylize it ala Giorgio Moroder until the end when they fade out and slow down the beats and it floats softly towards pop heaven.

Sun Airway – American West (Solar Bears Remix) by Solar Bears

Solar Bears Remix Keep Shelly In Athens

24 Jan

Two of my faves in bed (sort of) together:

Solar Bears remix Keep Shelly In Athens

Solar Bears are on remix fire today