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for your psychedelickrautrock listening pleasure: hookworms

2 Dec

hookworms are a recent bandcamp find that i’ve had in heavy rotation. these cats bring on some excellent deep psychedelic krautrock garage rock jams that you never want to stop. dig in below. oh yeah, they’re from leeds. please come to sxsw.

Download Housekeeping’s cover of “Wichita Lineman”

3 Jul

Here’s a delicious cover of the Glen Campbell recorded/Jimmy Webb written classic “Wichita Lineman” by the BKLYN band Housekeeping.

via Dance Yrself Clean

So, is it now or was it always Capitol Year? (no “s”)

23 Aug

Folks in Philly may know Shai Halperin as the lead singer of the indierock band The Capitol Years. Well, he’s decided to step out with a solo record called Sweet Lights which you can stream below, download some songs for free or even drop the 5 bucks to support your local musician with. Consider for heavy rotation the following songs: “Are We Gonna Work It Out,” “Ballad of Kurt Vile #2,” and the Roy Orbison-esque “You Won’t Be There.”

And check out this absolutely incredible video for “Are We Gonna Work It Out”

Eleven & The Falcons’ surrealistic willows

11 Aug

These Eleven & The Falcons kids are quite the experimental charmers. The three piece (Christian Church, Ali Maladi, & Mayor Prankster) recently released their debut album on for free on KillerPOP Records called The Death Vine. Self-indulgent, cacophonous, pretty & poetically skewed these grab-you-by-the-balls surrealistic popsters are like the bastard children of Animal Collective, VU, Spacemen 3 and The Beatles’ “Number 9.”

Download these songs then go grab the album.

Tigersticks – Eleven & the Falcons
Best Of The Canopies – Eleven & The Falcons

Check out Christian’s web site here


16 Jul

I was a fan of the 2007 EP released by the Louisville band Cabin. It was the warmth of lead singer Noah Hewett-Ball’s lead vocals and his slightly skewed yet very crafty orch-pop songs that was the golden ticket. After they released their EP they seemed to have dropped off the map for a while. Which they did. The band went through some personnel changes and have come out on the other side with a terrific new album called Among The Rectangles And Changeable Parts on their own label. Cabin sit somewhere in the continuum occupied by Matthews/Fray/Coldplay with a dash of the Midlake thing thrown in for good measure and if that’s your speed then you should absolutely check out this free album. Ball can sing like an angel and this time around his soaring vocals are balanced by some lower register stuff that’s just totally hypnotic. And of course, it’s all about the songs and the accomplished playing. Just wonderful stuff.