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that’s what friends are for

27 Oct


the interwebs are gettin’ all jiggy with “mr. boo” by friends

22 Sep

looks like the interwebs are getting all jiggy with a cover of the song “mr. boo” by brkln’s dance pop band friends i imagine it’s sending countless of hipsters into spontaneous electrorobotboogie induced body movin’. and it should – it is the jam. “mr. boo” was a hit for ghost town dj’s in 1996. where was i back then? hmmm. well, enjoy “mr. boo” by friends, a band who can only blame it on the boogie. make sure you check out the video of the original song below and another recent single by friends, “i’m his girl.”


You’ve got to have Friends

27 Mar

Meet Friends. From Brooklyn. Fronted by Samantha Urbani and just about 8 months together as a band. This song kills crushes it. It’s happy, spritely and just down right infectious. It’s got miles and miles of style. Order their debut 7-inch here

Download: Friend Crush – Friends