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download a new protest #occupywallstreet song by joseph arthur, “we stand as one”

28 Oct

joseph arthur has written a protest song called “we stand as one”. with the occupy movements taking hold across the country folks are wondering where the new protest songs are coming from to reflect these times. it’s easy to go back to classics by pete seeger or bob dylan as the soundtrack for modern day protest. but when a new song comes along as powerful as this, you need to chime in. download the song here. Check out the video and the lyrics below. Here’s what joe says about the song:

Protest songs should be open and somewhat naive
They can’t help but reference Bob Dylan referencing Woody Guthrie
They usually speak in somewhat general terms
And to be effective at all,
they say things that even those coming from a similar space,
may not fully agree with.
They are easy targets for the venom of music critics (because of all the reasons above)
And yet still sometimes
They are necessary.
So with that I am happy to present you
We Stand As One.
I hope you love it
Or hate it
Or love to hate it
Or let yourself
Hate to love it
but either way,
In some small way,
I hope that it helps.
– Joseph Arthur

We Stand As One – lyrics
We occupy wall street
Take back our soul
Take back our country
Take back control
Take back our health care
Take back our mind
Take back our freedom
Give up the grind
We occupy wall street
No more fear
No more acceptance
Of insanity’s sneer
No more division
No more restraint
Our canvas is freedom
Your blood is our paint
we stand as one
You who have robbed us
You who have lied
You who were greedy
While the needy ones died
You who believed
You were better than them
Who sat in the flower
Ignoring the stem
You who denied them
Doctors and care
Humanity’s basics
As if death were their share
You who denied
The struggles of most
Like a pig you consumed
And like a pig you will roast
we stand as one
We occupy wall street
The system has failed
As the innocent ones
Are beat down and jailed
The criminal minds
have stolen this land
By taking our freedom
And binding our hand
To the cuff of misfortune
To the cuff of our need
To the cuff of self pity
To the cuff of a seed
Lost in the desert
No chance to survive
No love to nurture
No water to thrive
we stand as one
A season of murder
The body and soul
Dreams being shattered
The damnation control
Give back our country
We come to defend
Our right to inspire
To love and befriend
Our right to be healthy
Our right to believe
In a country of equals
Of a chance to receive
A chance to develop
A chance to forgive
A chance to dignify
The way that we live
we stand as one
A chance education
A chance to secure
A place for our families
Our right to a cure
The disease is insane
The disease is just greed
The disease is your pain
Ignoring their need
The disease is your reason
Your will is unchecked
But the blood is all over
The lives you have wrecked
But blessed are the meek
For we stand as one
We stand against
The crimes you have done
we stand as one
We stand against
Your desire for more
Hear how we knock
Soon there won’t be a door
And what you won’t share
Will be ripped from your hands
Your body destroyed
The way fire lands
Burning your homes
The privilege you snake
The payback beyond
Anything you could take
Naked you’ll be
And full of regret
And the way they were treated
You’ll long to forget
we stand as one
You’ll wish you could go back
and undo whats been done
You’ll wish you were never
Insanity’s son
You’ll wish you were fair
You’ll wish for compassion
But it will be late
And long out of fashion
Strung up you’ll bleed
Like the pig you became
A symbol of hatred
And one with no name
And our country will come back
Belonging to us
Regain it’s spirit
Regain our trust
we stand as one
Regain it’s standing
Regain the world
The dream of our fathers
A new and bold world
Where people have chance
And can live with respect
And people can dance
Beyond their neglect
Where health is a right
And education within
The grasp of the poor
Who may still one day win
We occupy wall street
So that we may begin
To live in a country
Of freedom again.
we stand as one

Exclusive: download a new @josepharthur song, “Yer Only Job”

5 Sep

Joseph Arthur has an excellent new album out called The Graduation Ceremony. During his live shows he started to attach a poem about freedom to the end of the song “Almost Blue” from the album. Joseph performed it at the WXPN XPoNential Music Festival in July that you can listen to here, and he also performed it on the Jimmy Fallon show with The Roots that you can watch here via The Audio Perv.

After we saw Joseph do it at the WXPN music festival, XPN Music Director and Afternoon drive time host Dan Reed suggested to Joe that he record it, and Joe did just that. He told me that he recorded the song on the road on his laptop and sent it to us at XPN where we’ve begun playing it and it’s been getting some great reaction. As Joseph says about the song and his recording of it: “the future of the music biz for better or for worse. Back to slinging songs out of your cyber trunk on the actual road.” We’re diggin’ the song. We hope you do too.

Download the song: Yer Only Job – Joseph Arthur

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Download new Joseph Arthur: “Out On A Limb”

2 Jun

Some of my favorite Joseph Arthur songs are his more tender, pensive songs like “In The Sun” and “Honey And The Moon”. And looking back on his decade plus 3 or so years career, other songs from his catalog like “Mercedes,” and “Even Tho” have that classic singer-songwriter muscle that sets him miles apart and ahead from some of his colleagues working the genre. Arthur released his new album The Graduation Ceremony last week and it ranks up there with some of his best (and my favorite) work. Produced by John Alagia and featuring the legendary session drummer Jim Keltner, Liz Phair and Madi Diaz on backing vocals and a full string section, Arthur has made one of his best albums in his career. Check the video for “This Is Still My World” and download “Out On A Limb” below.

Download: Out On A Limb – Joseph Arthur
via Magnet