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mogwai consume a strange beverage and make a cool video

26 Jan

Scottish rockers Mogwai’s new album Hardocre Will Never Die, But You Will is already one of my favorite new albums of the year. Check out the new video for the song “Rano Pano,” download “San Pedro” below.

Download: San Pedro – Mogwai

the new mogwai album has blown the speakers out of my brain

11 Jan

It’s official; I’m completely over the moon for this new album from Scottish rockers Mogwai, coming out on Sub Pop on February 15th. Admittedly, I’ve sort of never had them much on my radar, but with this new album – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will they’ve seriously entered the SVB-iverse. Noisy, majestic, spiraling, snowblind, and tuneful.

Download: San Pedro – Mogwai
Download: Rano Pano – Mogwai