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New Acrylics

21 Feb

Molly Shea and Jason Klauber are Brooklyn’s Acrylics. The duo have roots in Philly and met at Oberlin College where they began making music together. After they graduated they moved to Brooklyn, formed a band with a drummer who would go on to play with MGMT and Shea and Klauber decided to go on as a duo. Their first EP, entitled “All of the Fire”, was released on Terrible Records (Chris Taylor from Grizzly Bear’s label) in late 2009 and they’re releasing their debut full length on March 1st. Lives And Treasure is coming out on Hot Sand Records and Friendly Fire Recordings. Acylics’ chamber-dream-pop shimmers with high melody that recalls bands like The Dream Academy and the New Zealand indie-pop of The Chills.

Download: Sparrow Song – Acrylics

New Acrylics

29 Nov

Molly Shea and Jason Klauber are Acrylics whose debut full-length album Lives And Treasure is being released January 25th on Hot Sand Records. Shea and Klauber started their band when they went to Oberlin then moved to Brooklyn where in 2008, they released a heavily buzzed EP called All of the Fire on Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor’s label, Terrible Records.

Download: Nightwatch – Acrylics