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Philly’s Work Drugs drop their 3rd (new) single & video

5 Feb

Work Drugs have been busy crafting their soft rock/chillwave world domination one single at a time. Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana’s new song “Rad Racer” is their third release since we introduced them to you with this song, “Third Wave.” Just a week after they released this tune, “Dog Daze.” Today we bring you their latest single “Rad Racer.” Where “Dog Daze” slowed down the upbeat pace they carved out with “Third Wave,” “Rad Racer” pushes back up to the mid-tempo BPM they debuted with. If “Third Wave” was their “Peg,” (Steely Dan) and “Dog Daze” was their “I’m Not In Love,” (10CC), then “Rad Racer” is their “Love Is The Drug,” (Roxy Music). Bonus points (again) for some very lovely harmonies from Joan Wellfleet. Download the song right below and check out the accompanying video.

Rad Racer by Work Drugs

Download Rad Racer – Work Drugs


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Philly’s Work Drugs Strike Again

8 Jan

Philly’s chill-wave/yacht-rock newcomers Work Drugs are at it again. They’ve just dropped a sexy new jam, “Dog Daze” that you can download below.

Dog Daze by Work Drugs

Meet Work Drugs

28 Dec

If you like the yacht rock stylings of Hall and Oates, the Doobies (with Michael McDonald), and Christopher Cross, and you also like the neo-yacht rock sounds of jams like “Round And Round” by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and various works by Teendaze, Memoryhouse and this chillwave hipster then you’ll want to dig in to the “smooth-fi” of Philly’s Work Drugs, Benjamin Louisiana and Thomas Crystal. Until we can confirm, we’re not too sure if these are the band’s real names or just stage names, but what we love most in inside the grooves of this first song they’ve released, “Third Wave.”
Download the song below; watch the aquatic daydream video. “The sea reminds me we’re not in love,” sing the band in dreamy melodic bliss, recalling the ridiculously catchy and lovelorn “Ooh, you’ll wait a long time for me/Ooh, you’ll wait a long time” part of 10CC’s “I’m Not In Love.” Surf’s up for Work Drugs.

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