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Merry Christmas From the Three Stooges

24 Dec

Download: I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas – The Three Stooges

banger of the moment: “planet party” by games

20 Dec

Altered Zones dropped their best songs of 2010 list and it’s a good one. One song in particular makes me want to hit the dance floor hard; “Planet Party” by Brooklyn’s Games.

Michael McGregor of Chocolate Bobka one of my favorite music blog discoveries of 2010 writes:

“Planet Party” is a diabolical excursion into midi-funk through the backdoors of our collective computer love, culling our internal memory for sampled bits and progenerated synth scapes.

Download: Planet Party – Games

Yeah. While I’m all about the progenerated synth scapes, mostly this song reminds me of those old school electrojams from back in the day; jes like some of the ones below.

Planet Patrol – Games

Marry Christmas from Saint Etienne

15 Dec

Merry Christmas from the British band Saint Etienne who have a new holiday album out called A Glimpse Of Stocking which you can check out here. You can download one of the new songs from the collection right below.

Download: Through The Winter – Saint Etienne
(via NME)

Merry Christmas From Mayer Hawthorne

13 Dec

Merry Christmas from Mayer Hawthorne. Download this new holiday tune from him.

“Christmas Time Is Here” by Mayer Hawthorne

here, new dears

13 Dec

The highly anticipated new album called Degeneration Street from the Montreal indie rockers The Dears is due out on Dangerbird Records on February 15th.

Download: Blood – The Dears
via Magnet

t-model ford is keepin’ the blues alive

9 Dec

He was born James Lewis Carter Ford in Forest, Mississippi and at 90 years old blues man T-Model Ford is keeping the blues alive. His new album Taledragger is being released on Alive Records on January 11th. Heck, if you like Muddy, The Black Keys, RL Burnside, John Lee, Howlin’ Wolf, The Doors, Jon Spencer, Reigning Sound and so on, you’ll dig the sounds of T-Model Ford and his band GravelRoad. This song from his new album digs deep into the swampy blues of the South with some smooth chooglin’.

Download: Comin’ Back Home – T Model Ford

meet conner youngblood

4 Dec

the first thing you think of when you hear the songs of dallas singer songwriter conner youngblood is this guy. but his soft lilting falsetto aside, youngblood’s “voice” comes off like a dream pop ray of sunshine. These two new songs showcase a couple sides of the Yale student’s music. “Monsters” starts out with some warm lilting washes of keyboards before a menacing yet seductive synth line kicks in to give the song some punch on top of a pretty cool banjo riff. “Girl Hair” is all soft and tender and pastoral and floats along like little fluffy clouds of acoustica. It’s gorgeous. Comparisons? Anyone remember A.R. Kane?

Download: Girl Hair – Conner Yougblood
Download: Monsters – Conner Youngblood

Check out more songs from Conner’s soundcloud page

new buffalo tom & bill janovitz’s cover(s) of the week

4 Dec

Boston rockers Buffalo Tom (yeah, remember them?) return with a new album on February 15 called Skins. It’s their first new album since 2007’s Three Easy Pieces. The album is being released on the band’s own label, Scrawny Records and features a guest vocal appearance from Tanya Donnelly. In between albums over the last decade or so, lead singer/guitarist and songwriter Bill Janovitz has been staying pretty busy working on music for television shows, doing some solo recording, and he authored Exile On Main Street for the 33 1/3 book series. Bill also started a blog back in 2007 called Bill Janovitz: Part Time Man Of Rock which includes his Cover of The Week series (check out a few below) as well as his thoughtful musings on music and life. Download the first new song from BT’s forthcoming album below (via The Daily Rind, then check out some of his covers.

Download: Arise, Watch – Buffalo Tom

One Step Up – Bill Janovitz (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Sunny – Bill Janovitz (Bobby Hebb cover)
Here Come Those Tears – Bill Janovitz (Jackson Browne cover)

Meet Shake The Baron

29 Nov

Introducing Brooklyn/Connecticut indierockers Shake The Baron.
Tipped off by/thx to Pigeons And Planes.
Their self-titled album is out now on Super Duper Records. These cats play many of the right chords, strike many a hearty melody and are webbed into a curious mish-mosh vibe of Weezer/Shins/VMPWKD. Dig in.


New Acrylics

29 Nov

Molly Shea and Jason Klauber are Acrylics whose debut full-length album Lives And Treasure is being released January 25th on Hot Sand Records. Shea and Klauber started their band when they went to Oberlin then moved to Brooklyn where in 2008, they released a heavily buzzed EP called All of the Fire on Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor’s label, Terrible Records.

Download: Nightwatch – Acrylics