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Straight From PHLY: Making Time’s Team Hypercage Rock A New Record Club Mix

21 Jan

File under: “More gas in the ass, and more stomp in the swamp.” Straight from the Illadelph, Making Time’s Team Hypercage have a brand new – the second in their series Hypercage Record Club mix. Making Time’s Hypercage residents Pink Skull, Adam Sparkles, and the Broadzilla DJs have returned with yet another stellar mix, which you can sample a small taste of below. You want the full mix? Go here for more details on how to become the newest member of the Hypercage Record Club.

002 minimix (january 2011) by hypercage record club

Playlist for HCR002
1. Disko Dance – New Yorks Dub (Russian Disco Record & Tape 1987 Special Version)
2. Proper Heat – We Are Ready (Max Essa Club Mix
)3. Electric Guitars – Stamp Out The Termites
4. The Royal We – Party Guilt
5. Barry Mason – Body (Faze Action Edit)
6. Michel Sardou – Afrique Adieu (Mickey Re-View)
7. Space Dimension Controller – Journey To The Core Of The Unknown Sphere
8. KiNK & Neville Watson – City 2 City
9. In Flagranti feat Natalie Smash – Through The Rabbit Hole (Moscow Remix)
10. Phantom Slasher – Backwards Is The Best Way Forward, Baby
11. Maximum Joy – Stretch (Disco Mix/Rap)
12. B.W.H. – Stop
13. Nina Simone – See Line Woman