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seriously, i am overjoyed the verlaines have a new album @flyingnun

26 Mar

how happy am i? very. seriously, a new album from the verlaines is always exciting music to my ears. untimely meditations is available here. they’ll be much debate among flying nun aficionados however for me the verlaines’ 1987 bird dog is perhaps their finest moment and to this day remains one of my favorite all time records.

over here! over here! follow some velvet blog.2 on tmblr

21 Mar

While SVB – “the blog” – continues sporadically, the real action now is over here at Some Velvet Blog.2 on tumblr. come join the fun.

the union line drop some new jams

2 Mar

a little less than two years ago i discovered – and became a fan of – the union line over at we all want someone to shout for, one of my daily blog reading stops. i wore out the grooves on the band’s debut ep so it’s exciting to hear new music from the cali band. listen to three new songs below that represent this sunshiny indie orch-pop band quite well. it sounds like everything new and old all at once; sounds like they’ve got their hearts in the 60’s and their minds in the oughts. they’ll be at sxsw – you should definitely put them on your dance card.

the swingin’ sounds of wanderlings

27 Feb

the beachtapes crew posted this swell rockin’ video from the uk band wanderlings for the song “swingin.” watch it below, and in case you missed it, check out “sleeping as a saint.”

new bon iver video, “towers”

27 Feb

bon iver dropped a new video for “towers” directed by nabil

When Pavement played in Philly at the Khyber Pass in 1992

23 Feb

A few months after the release of their now genius landmark record Slanted And Enchanted in 1992 Pavement played in Philly at the Khyber Pass on July 30th. Freedom Has No Bounds recently posted this show that you can download here.

fun.’s some nights is some fun.

15 Feb

one & 1/2 months in to the 1-2, and fun.’s new album – some nights is one of my favorite records of the year so far. never mind the fact that it’s got the ridiculously catchy-ready to explode “we are young” on it; from start to finish it sits like a proper album and for a tad over 45 minutes you can’t but fall in to deep musical wonder at the band’s crafty use of both modern day and traditional pop song structure, melody and arrangement and technique (i dig the autotune). hey, we all love queen and jellyfish and the format and steel train. so it’s only natural we love fun. below, listen to the record (i suggest headphones). buy it when it comes out on february 21st.

Listen to Alabama Shakes cover Led Zep on World Cafe/NPR Music w/ David Dye

6 Feb

From a recent World Cafe session the Alabama Shakes did with Cafe host David Dye, check out their cover of Led Zep’s “How Many More Times.” The band release their debut album on April 9th/10th.

stream the new rodrigo y gabriela album via npr music

16 Jan

Rodrigo y Gabriela are releasing their new album Area 52 next Tuesday, January 24th. The album, recorded mostly in Havana with a 13 piece Cuban orchestra is streaming now in its entirety at NPR Music here.

i’ll tumbl for ya at somevelvetblog.2

12 Jan

maybe it’s that the interwebs have just turned my brain into having no attention span, or maybe i just dig the nimbleness of tumblr, but i’ve been finding myself posting alot to my tumblr recently and i’m feeling the way it handles. i started my some velvet blog.2 tumblr to post about some of my non-musical interests but i soon found i would resort back to the music since it’s mostly my life. and as i started posting music to my tumblr i would ask myself, should i post this to my wordpress blog or my tumblr. ultimately it came down to my being able to post stuff to tumblr almost immediately. no fuss no muss. so, for now that’s where i’ll be hanging with the occasional post here, where it all started in december 2004.

if you’ve yet to follow my musical hijinx on my tumblr, please follow me on somevelvetblog.2 tumblr here