The Return of The Changes

28 Jan

The Chicago indie-pop band The Changes have returned with its first new album since 2005 called American Master, the followup to their debut, Today Is Tonight. Back when the band self-released its debut EP they were blog rock darlings. They had a new-wavey pop sound and a handful of catchy, catchy tunes including “When I Wake,” “Her, You And I,” and “When I Sleep” that were blogged to near death; at the time they were the poster band for the “blog-rock” genre. While Pitchfork was not kind terribly kind to the band when they released their debut full length, The Changes had a groundswell of blog rock energy from the tastemakers. The music blog space doesn’t put a high priority on “artist development” with its “here today, gone tomorrow” mentality, and sadly, The Changes dropped off the minds of it’s growing music blog fan base. Google them now; they’re difficult to find. That said, the band has returned with an album that’s true to their sound. In an e-mail exchange I had with The Changes lead singer Darren Spitzer he humbly reflected on the past; “Putting the entire arc of our journey into perspective, especially with this new release, we’ve accomplished more than I think we expected from the outset.” The band recently started a Facebook page, and their album is available to buy here.

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