Best/Favorites of 2012

15 Dec


2012 closing thoughts:

  • 2012 was a great year for music. Was it better than 1976 or 1968? Probably not. But damn it was good.
  • There’s a lot of great SONGS these days, but not so many drop-dead-incredible-change-my -life-records. Overall, bands need to make better albums. And they all need to be like four songs or 15 minutes shorter.
  • Bands need to make more EP’s. In the digital age where the market makes the conversation, there’s really no such thing as an album cycle anymore. Even if labels want you to believe that. There’s just a fan cycle. And fans love their bands all the time; not just when new records come out.
  • Music blogs are overrated. Music bloggers, though, are not – especially the ones who are really fans and passionate about the music, rather than pageviews. Find them and follow them and trust them. This is where shit happens.
  • Don’t believe the hype. Because it’s hype that is driving the singles market that –  long term – rarely creates artists that have a long lasting impact on pop culture. We now exist in a (mostly) one hit wonder economy showcased by ephemeral, fleeting moments of  cool jams but no real importance. And it’s brutal. 2012 continued this disturbing trend.
  • 2012: hip-hop was better than rock.
  • 2012: Bruce Springsteen continues to prove it all night.
  • 2012: the most over-hyped overrated album: Fiona. hands down. go ahead. sing me one song from that record.
  • 2012: I’ll give Neil Young a pass on that Americana record cause he redeemed himself with Psychedelic Pill.
  • 2012: comeback of the year: Jimmy Cliff. hands down.
  • 2012: I couldn’t pick just ONE best album. Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean made the best albums. Comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. What they have in common though is this: they are both amazing storytellers and incredible songwriters. These records alone could probably get me through 2013 easy.
  • 2012: below is my list of favorite/best albums and one of those spotify playlists of favorite/best songs.
  • My tips for 2013? Stay in school. Have faith in Fleetwood Mac.
  • Thanks for listening.

Top 12 Albums of 2012

1 – (tie) Good Kid: M.A.A.D City by Kendrick Lamar and Channel Orange by Frank Ocean

2 – Boys and Girls – Alabama Shakes

3 – Home Again – Michael Kiwanuka

4 – Field Report – Field Report

5 – Kill For Love – Chromatics

6 – Revolution – Dr. John

7 – Kaleidoscope Dream – Miguel

8 – Some Nights – fun.

9 – Mala In Cuba – Mala

10 – The Money Store – Death Grips

Best/Favorite Songs of 2012

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