the blissful slowwave of gem club

27 Sep

i had no idea what to expect when i slid the debut full length album by gem club in to my player. it’s called breakers and is being released by hardly art next tuesday. woh! all of a sudden i was enveloped by a beautiful cloud of slow moving space, a blissed out void where sadness and hope come together. on breakers, gem club’s lead singer Christopher Barnes and cellist Kristen Drymala (both classically trained) make it sound so stunning, the music a commingling of songs that remind me of “things mean a lot” by red house painters and the delicate elegance of ryuichi sakamoto’s “merry xmas mr. lawrence” and “fordidden colours” by david sylvian. there’s grace and reflection in the cinematic slowness of the piano and the voice and it swallows you unconditionally.

Twins – Gem Club
Breakers – Gen Club



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