this is rock: philly’s vintage kicks

24 Sep

just the sound of this band’s name sounds cool, right? yeah. vintage kicks – it conjours up the promise of eternal youth and the oft reckless rawkingness that comes with being young and into music and into rock. when you put the band’s debut record on, the lovable and flammable king geek it more than delivers on the promise. vintage kicks have come to rock and leave it all on the table.

kicks formed in the spring of 2010. the album was made by jeff bang on keyboards +, chris penny on guitar/strings, mark walter on drums and alex marlys on lead vocals. alex writes the lyrics. they have a bass player named tyler jo pass, but he didn’t play on the album. they’ve released a record for free that joe strummer would be proud of that you can download here.

in it’s too short 28 minutes, vintage kicks pack a lot of music and sounds into its songs. from the first few seconds the band literally comes out screaming. lead singer alex marlys has a commanding voice and he knows how to work the songs to full effect. he can sing out front of a song (“Iron Fist,”) and sit back and burst out when he needs to make his point on songs like on the incredibly anthemic “jetti jump.” the music comes with sweeping sing along choruses, swirling keyboards added in to the mix (put to excellent use on “blood boogie,”) and guitars that soar with some tasty post-punk intricacy (“absolutely crazy!”). and the band can swing with a rhythm section that puts the kick in the kicks.

vintage kicks work in a post-punk continuum with inventive, engaging, and slamming results. the album’s high energy keeps you tuned in throughout all ten songs and leaves you wanting more. if you’re a fan of bands like titus andronicus, a little blink 182, the clash, le pixies, then you should check this. what i’m loving about this band’s record is that it sounds like many things i’ve heard before like this that i love. yet it sounds nothing like any of those things i’ve heard before. i can put my finger on it, but i can’t. whatever influences they’ve got, they’ve distilled them in to a unique whole. the band plays in philly next wed night at the north star bar. below, download the album.


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