Exclusive: download a new @josepharthur song, “Yer Only Job”

5 Sep

Joseph Arthur has an excellent new album out called The Graduation Ceremony. During his live shows he started to attach a poem about freedom to the end of the song “Almost Blue” from the album. Joseph performed it at the WXPN XPoNential Music Festival in July that you can listen to here, and he also performed it on the Jimmy Fallon show with The Roots that you can watch here via The Audio Perv.

After we saw Joseph do it at the WXPN music festival, XPN Music Director and Afternoon drive time host Dan Reed suggested to Joe that he record it, and Joe did just that. He told me that he recorded the song on the road on his laptop and sent it to us at XPN where we’ve begun playing it and it’s been getting some great reaction. As Joseph says about the song and his recording of it: “the future of the music biz for better or for worse. Back to slinging songs out of your cyber trunk on the actual road.” We’re diggin’ the song. We hope you do too.

Download the song: Yer Only Job – Joseph Arthur

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