Meet No Diavolo

19 Jul

Editor’s note: this post originally appeared on The Key

No Diavolo is the new project from former Chiddy Bang member Zachary Sewall. Sewall left the band to pursue his own musical interests; this new two-piece project comes after Sewall moved to Tallahassee, FL, and met Giulia Marsico. “I moved down here about one year ago from Philadelphia for a change of pace and cheaper college tuition,” Sewall told me via e-mail. “The area has been pretty rad music-wise. A super small community that totally thrives and progresses. I do miss the basement shows in Philly, though.”

Below are the first fruits of No Diavolo’s musical efforts; two new songs and a video for the song “Killacobra.” “We plan on finishing a short EP we’ve been working on, perfect the live set, and then get out on the road,” adds Sewall. How does he describe the music? “It’s a tough one to describe. We wanted to somehow combine psychedelia, surf, and soul while using a combination of live instruments and electronics.” Better yet, on their Twitter page No Diavolo describe themselves as “sonic south soul.”


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