Meet Elle King

13 Jul

Singer/songwriter Elle King (her first name is pronounced like the letter L) has one of those voices than when you hear the very first time you damn near drive off the road. Even if you’re not driving. The 20-something has penned an absolutely breathtaking song, “Good To Be A Man,” that recently hit my inbox that you should download below. The song starts with a banjo, then her voice kicks in and takes over. It’s got a bluesy drawl but it’s not the blues. Then the band punches up in a Tom Waits’ sloppy but calculatedly measured “Clap Hands” kind of way and Elle brings it all home with a slurry folksiness. But folks, this sure as hell ain’t no folk. What I’ve heard so far, I’m impressed. She’s got an old soul’s voice; a voice as distinctive as Ms. Newsome or Bjork or Lucinda Williams. Download “Good To Be A Man” below and there’s more on her myspace. Listen to her story in the video below and keep this young lady on your radar.


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