Download new Mekons song, “Space In Your Face”

22 Jun

SVB remembers a night many many years ago when he saw The Mekons for the very first time. This was way back in the day, around ’86 right after The Edge of The World came out. That album, along with their previous record Fear And Whiskey spent many nights on the turntable; in fact – they still do. And double in fact: those two records are lyrically and sonically as good now as they were when they were released. Those records stood out and held up against the big hits of the time (Beasties’ Licensed To Ill, Jesus & Mary’s Psychocandy, Graceland, Sonic Youth’s Evol, Run DMC’s Raising Hell) for their mix of country, post-punk, folk, noisy sonics and often witty lyrical reflections on politics and culture. Of course, adding Sally Timms to the mix only helped an already solid fronting of the band by Jon Langford and to a lesser extent, Tom Greenhalgh. That said, with every new release from The Mekons I get excited which is why I’m happy for another record from the band. The Mekons’ new album, Ancient & Modern, is coming out on September 27th on the band’s Sin Records. Download the new “Space In Your Face” below.

Space In Your Face – The Mekons


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