getting all kind of fired up for the new Wu Lyf record

25 May

This new video from Wu Lyf is the kind of shit that gets me excited about rock and roll. To hell with Tyler, ya know? Check out this amazing video of Wu’s new jam “Dirt.” It makes me want to break some windows put on some Jerry Lee Lewis and The Clash and Fela and Primal Scream. Or something like that.
Wu Lyf’s debut album Go Tell FireTo The Mountain is out June 14th.

And in case you missed some of their previous stuff:


One Response to “getting all kind of fired up for the new Wu Lyf record”

  1. M.L. King May 29, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    According to the “LYF Gang WU”, their disciplines include “petty crime” and “busting heads”. Who decides whose heads get busted, and why? Petty crime against who, for what purpose? The WU doesn’t go into detail.

    I certainly don’t disagree with questioning authority, but advocating violence is just wrong. I won’t be sending my “hard earnt currency” to the “baby boys of WU LYF” any time soon, no matter how many catch phrases they come up with to entice me to do so. They just seem like a different type of soccer hooligan to me.

    I agree- to hell with Tyler.

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