When Eric Carmen (The Raspberries) collaborated with John Wesley Harding

20 Apr

(Left to right: Eric Carmen, Andy Cahan, John Wesley Harding)

This is a true, but crazy/serendipitous story. Last night I posted this video of Eric Carmen (yeah, you know, from The Raspberries) singing his classic “All By Myself.” Shortly after I posted it, my pal Wesley Stace/John Wesley Harding tweeted it and I dropped Wes an e-mail. Wes responded back to me about the time he wrote some songs with Eric, back in 1993, which immediately resulted in a big “WTF?” on my part.

The story, according to Wes, was that Wes gets a call from Eric who wanted some songs for a new album he was writing. Wes was a Raspberries fan and they connected and spent a couple of days writing two songs – “Cartoon World,” and “Morning Has Broken Me.” Only “Cartoon” ended up on Eric’s album Winter Dreams.

Okay, so I’m still sort of tripping over the fact that Wes collaborated with Eric Carmen, and Wes continues to tell me that during one of the days in the studio, this guy walks in and is hanging out. Wes didn’t know who this guy was and that he wasn’t in the best shape. Eric turns to Wes and says: “You know who that is, right?” Wes has no idea. “That’s Harry Nilsson,” says Carmen.

Crazy, right? Yeah.

Below is said song, “Cartoon World.” Wes says he wouldn’t have put the La Bamba horns on the song, but for a “Lennon-esque” kind of song they were looking for, they got it right.

Download: Cartoon World – Eric Carmen


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