Meet Charles Hurts from Belfast, Ireland

8 Apr

Traveling around Ireland the last week I’ve discovered some cool new music, one of which is the Belfast band Charles Hurts. If you google the trio’s name the first search items you’ll come up with is a new and used car dealership in Northern Belfast. Turns out, according to their label’s site CF Records, Charles Hurts was “named (with a slight misspelling) after” said dealership. The lead singer of the band, Philip Quinn, definitely has a young Morrissey thing going on (which is fine by me) and the music is reverbed indie pop that brings to mind Dirty Beaches on a clearer day. They draw on 60’s pop and garage and is reminiscent of the classic C81 and C86 compilations that NME put out back in the 80’s. A little 60’s garage, a little 80’s new wave, a little indie-twee. We like that. Hope you do too.

Download: Gone Again – Charles Hurts


Listen to more music on Charles Hurts’ soundcloud page here


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