Meet War Mothers

14 Mar

Don’cha just loved being stopped cold in your tracks by some new (or new/old) music? The kind that just makes you sort of look up from your computer keyboard and you just stop down? Yeah, me too. Luckily, that just happened. Via Cactus-Mouth, I just discovered these two new songs from War Mothers which is the newest project from Austin based Dylan Pasture. Dylan’s got an EP on the way soon, and on these songs he collaborated with Barrett Lindgren from the Philly band Ghost/Light. Lindgren recorded the songs, sings some backup and plays some instruments.

One of the first things you might notice is that Pasture’s got a little Jeff Buckley vocal thing going on. Dylan is a sweet singer and the songs are counterbalanced by some evocative story telling and some dandy hooks and melodies on both of these songs. “Monster” is the tamer, more acoustic leaning of the two songs; “Trouble” comes full on rock with some great instrumentation and some of that old school indie-rock guitar playing that owes a little something to Teenage Fanclub and some classic Sonic Youth chord changes. Oh yeah, and a little bit of NY & Crazy Horse.

“I Wish You Were A Monster”



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