Shaking Through w/ Port St. Willow (produced by Peter Silberman of The Antlers)

15 Feb

The newest episode of Shaking Through an online audio and video collaboration between WXPN and Weathervane Music features a beautiful new song from Port St. Willow called “Stay Even.” The song was curated and produced by Peter Silberman, the lead singer of the Brooklyn indie-rock band The Antlers.

Port St. Willow is the work of Nick Principe, a childhood friend and collaborator from Silberman’s high school years. This new collaboration brought the two together for the first time in many years. “Stay Even” radiates with pulsing ambience, soft guitars, and Principe’s gorgeous falsetto, occasionally bringing to mind the fragile beauty of Jeff Buckley’s work. It’s a dazzling song.

Download: Stay Even – Port St. Willow

To check out the video of the session go here.

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