Listen to the Cloud Nothings mix tape

1 Feb

indierockwonderboyofthemoment Dylan Baldi known to most as Cloud Nothings made a mixtape for International Tapes with some serious musical jams. See tracklist below. You can download the mix and read his comments about the songs here. Check out Cloud Nothings debut album here. It’s a glorious nod to the good old school days of those early Replacements & Buzzcocks records (and so much more).

Cloud Nothings mix tape song list

01 The Styrenes – One Fanzine Reader Writes
02 Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer
03 Chronics – Test Tube Baby
04 Bernie & The Invisibles – I Don’t Know Where I Am
05 X-X – You’re Full Of Shit
06 Pere Ubu – Waiting For Mary
07 Rocket From The Tombs – Ain’t It Fun
08 Electric Eels – Jaguar Ride
09 The Mirrors – Living Without You
10 Clocks – Confidentially Renee
11 The Baloney Heads – I’m A Drunk
12 The Pagans – What’s This Shit Called Love?


One Response to “Listen to the Cloud Nothings mix tape”

  1. Cliff Lee February 3, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    Thanks for the link, I hope the music lives up to the song titles!

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