Now & Then: Jimmie Gilmer’s “Sugar Shack”

28 Jan

Back in 1963 there was a song called “Sugar Shack” that I became infatuated with by Jimmie Gilmer and The Fireballs. It’s a corny little tune, but one that I would consider to be a sort of antecedent to the twee pop movement.

Here are two videos of “Sugar Shack.” One from back in the day when it was a hit. The second is from a 1999 TV performance, which is classic for a number of reasons. In the first video, you just have to love the ascot he’s wearing. I think indie rockers should bring the ascot back. Start the trend. And check out the Rickenbacker the dude is playing. In the second (more recent) video, couple things to check out: Look at where Jimmie is sitting. Check out the Elvis impersonator in his red, white & blue jacket. And you must not miss the two guys in their matching sweaters.


2 Responses to “Now & Then: Jimmie Gilmer’s “Sugar Shack””

  1. Cliff Lee January 29, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    Is that Waylon Jennings on bass in the first one? If that dude wore a cape he’d be The Man With No Name.

    Don’t Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend already wear ascots? Figures. Anybody steps up to the plate wearing an ascot, I’ll give ’em chin music.

    How about turbans? That’s a true mark of rock ‘n roll sartorial splendor.


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