Wild Vibes Is Right On Time

27 Jan

Wild Vibes have a (free) five song self-titled EP that you must download now here. WV (real name: Brett Copell) share the same label, Deerhaus, as Philly’s Golden Ages (who by the way are performing with Sun Airway at The Ox here in Philly on February 4th). Something tells me Brett is a Sly Stone fan, but I could be completely off track on this but you should listen closely to the song “Oedipal Love” and let me know what you think.

Anyway – as the snow was falling last night here in Philly, I decided to track down Mr. Vibes. As I explained to Brett once we connected via e-mail, I did a bit of ISI-ing (internet scene investigating/AKA “googling”) and turns out Brett has been in my backyard for the last four years or so. Right here in Philly! Right at the University of Penn where he went to school (the radio station I work at, WXPN, is owned by Penn). In fact, he even guest DJ’d a student specialty show we have on our indie-alt station Y Rock</strong. Small world, indeed. Right? Right. And when Brett’s not throwing down some of those groovy jams you hear on their EP, he’s a music blogger! You have to check out the blog he started called Tripping Franklins.

Some folks may categorize what Wild Vibes is doing as chillwave, but it’s really much more than that. I decided to ask Brett what he was getting at musically:

The sound is pretty all over the place right now (I think)…it’s definitely psychedelic. Some songs are straight up trippy electronic collages, others are more ’60s garage rock and post-punk, produced with an electronic base. Most things I’m currently working on are more guitar-based/’60s pop.
I’ve been listening to a lot of ’60s garage rock and pop lately… The Troggs, The Seeds … and a lot of new exciting electronic/pop acts like Sun Airway, Korallreven. I also have a new obsession for Tears For Fears that started last month.

Here’s a song to download, but I highly suggest you download the entire EP here. It’s groovy. It’s colorful. It’s wild vibes.

Download: It’s All Happening – Wild Vibes

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