Singer-Songwriter Emily Arin collaborates with Philly indie-rockers

24 Jan

Singer-songwriter Emily Arin is from Montour Falls, New York, but she traveled to Philly to record her debut album Patch Of Land. In fact – she liked Philly so much, she decided to move here. Produced by Brian McTear (Weathervane Music/Shaking Through) and recorded and mixed by Jonathan Low at Miner Street Studios and Greg Weeks of Espers at his Hexham Head studio the album features Dave Hartley (Nightlands, War On Drugs) on bass and drummer Thomas Bendel of Buried Beds. The album is currently available here

Arin’s debut is filled with honest, yearning songs and stories sung in a plaintive and natural delivery. Here is a case of where less is more; the songs speak on their own with touches of mellotron and slide guitar that add the necessary colour yet never distracts from the center stage of her songs and her haunting listen-to-it-all-day kind of voice. You may find some musical touch points in Emily’s music like Suzanne Vega, Gillian Welch, Rosie Thomas and Sharon Van Etten, yet Arin’s songwriting steps out with a grace and beauty of it’s own.

Download: When You Knew Me When – Emily Arin


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