The Beat Goes On: The Best Of ESG

4 Jan

Fire Records has released Dance To The Best of ESG from the legendary punk/funk group ESG (Emerald, Sapphire and Gold). For the first time, all of the songs that made the band such an innovative influence are available in one (double CD) release. ESG were made up primarily of sisters Renee, Valerie, Marie and Deborah Scroggins and their early work was produced by the legendary producer Martin Hannett who is probably best known as the producer of Joy Division’s records as well as bands like Happy Mondays, Magazine, the Buzzcocks, Stone Roses and OMD.

ESG were a hugely influential band since they started in the early 1980’s. Their classic song “UFO” has been sampled by Public Enemy, DJ Shadow, Girl Talk and many others and songs like Talking Heads’ “I Zimbra” are a direct descendant to ESG’s polyrhtyhmic punk-funk. Musically, there was nobody like them before or after they stopped recording; their work has a singular voice that captured the musical cross sections of the moment – punk, disco, rap and funk. This is an essential collection of music to own. Download below; check out the video of “UFO.”

Download: Dance To The Beat Of Moody – ESG


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