Bandname’s Teenage Riot

21 Dec

Bandname are a punk rock trio from Philadelphia. Cat Park (bass & vocals), Greg Labold and Jeremy Jams (guitar & vocals) recently debuted their absolutely phenomenal full length album Breakfast on Self Aware Records. It comes two years after their debut cassette, Insert Hear was released. Just when you think you’ve heard almost all the punk rock there is to hear, along comes a 28 minute tour-de-force of songs that won’t give up, or give in to anything but the rawk and the groove. This crew can swing; the bottom of their fury is fueled by some serious beats. They got guitar solos, some quick funk breakdowns, and Elvis Costello-first album-like hooks that keep coming at you like Aroldis Chapman fastballs. There’s nods to Sonic Youth, Superchunk & The Germs, and once you’re through all 12 songs, you’re back at the top to do it all again. Pump it up.

Here’s a new version of the song “Wonder Why,” which appeared on the band’s cassette and you can also find on the new record.

Wonder Why – Bandname


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