Option Magazine Returning Online!

7 Dec

Back in the day when I was a slightly younger indie-rocker, my “writing” career sort of began in earnest when I became a Contributing Editor to one of the great all time music magazines, Option. Today I found out that Option is beginning a new life as an online music site which you can begin to follow along here. I still have many copies of Option (I was a subscriber way before I started to write for the mag) and back in the mid-80’s it was one of the best sources for music discovery. I always looked forward to getting the newest issue that was filled with literally dozens of record reviews, articles about indie-rock, world music, alt-country, electronica, jazz. I also recall some great artist-to-artist interviews in the magazine like the one that Elvis Costello and Tom Waits did together. From a writing perspective, it had some of the best music critics/journalists writing so you could always count on thoughtful writing, storytelling and criticism. So, Option online is hopefully going to continue the spirit of the magazine. There’s a new Facebook page that you can follow along to and check out some of the great covers (like the one above) and if you’re at all interested in great music coverage, consider adding this to your daily intake of music discovery.


One Response to “Option Magazine Returning Online!”

  1. mike December 14, 2010 at 12:03 pm #

    OK, while you have to be of a certain, ahem, ‘vintage’ to remember Option (raises hand) – this is fantastic news.

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