Meet Hebrew Rogers

7 Dec

Regular SVB readers know that I’m a fan of soul music old and new, and I just discovered a terrific R&B/soul music tumblr called Holy Soul that digs up some very cool stuff. Like this jam from Hebrew Rogers, “Can’t Buy Soul,” an obscure rare funk jam cut in the early 70’s by the mysterious Rogers and written by Preston Epps, who wrote the song “Bongo Rock” which went on to become a hit for the Incredible Bongo Band. Love the lyrics (simplistic, expressive and true), love the groove (simplistic, right on time).

“You can buy a fancy car, but you can’t buy soul.
You can buy a diamond ring, but you can’t buy soul.
It ain’t no use in jivin, some souls need revivin’.
Some call it funky, some call it sweet, but you can’t buy soul.
It can blow your mind and make you hip, but you can’t buy soul.”

Maybe you can find this song and some other cool jams on this collection. And if anyone knows anything about Hebrew Rogers, more than the fact that he sings on this obscure gem, I’d love to hear about him from you.


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