new buffalo tom & bill janovitz’s cover(s) of the week

4 Dec

Boston rockers Buffalo Tom (yeah, remember them?) return with a new album on February 15 called Skins. It’s their first new album since 2007’s Three Easy Pieces. The album is being released on the band’s own label, Scrawny Records and features a guest vocal appearance from Tanya Donnelly. In between albums over the last decade or so, lead singer/guitarist and songwriter Bill Janovitz has been staying pretty busy working on music for television shows, doing some solo recording, and he authored Exile On Main Street for the 33 1/3 book series. Bill also started a blog back in 2007 called Bill Janovitz: Part Time Man Of Rock which includes his Cover of The Week series (check out a few below) as well as his thoughtful musings on music and life. Download the first new song from BT’s forthcoming album below (via The Daily Rind, then check out some of his covers.

Download: Arise, Watch – Buffalo Tom

One Step Up – Bill Janovitz (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Sunny – Bill Janovitz (Bobby Hebb cover)
Here Come Those Tears – Bill Janovitz (Jackson Browne cover)

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