Grab A Black Taxi

21 Oct

Some nice buzz coming out of CMJ about BK’s Black Taxi Dig the rock. Dig the horns. Sort of Killers-esque but don’t hold that against them. Keys/guitars in a rad new wave new rock spin. Songs are tight. Familiar, yet new. And they don’t sound like every band that wants to sound like Girls or Wavves or White Denim or Chillwave/Electronica grandfather Giorgio Moroder.

“Pretty Mama”

“Up Here For Thinking, Down There For Dancing”

“Do What You Gotta Do”

Now at CMJ.
Playing Philly at The Fire on November 11th.


One Response to “Grab A Black Taxi”

  1. Ihor Gowda October 26, 2010 at 10:53 pm #

    Great to hear! I get to see them in Austin on friday night; they’re opening for my local faves The Bright Light Social Hour, at great venue The Parish. That show should get Black Taxi exposure to a big Austin audience – yay!

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