Underground Spiritual Game’s Radical Afrobeat Radio

19 Oct

The folks at Underground Spiritual Game dropped their Radical Afrobeat radio jawn chock full of Afro-Beat, soul jazz, and many things grooved. Check it out below.

Hour 1
Femi Kuti – Tension Grip Africa
Fela Kuti – Who Are You
Tony Allen – Jakelewah
The Daktaris – Upsidown
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra – War Hero
The Souljazz Orchestra – Parasite
Fela Kuti – Ikoyi Blindness
Fela Kuti – Zombie

Hour 2
Mixmaster Mike – Fela Mentality
The Souljazz Orchestra – Kapital
Femi Kuti – Demo Crazy
Kokolo – Democrazy
Ty (feat. Tony Allen) – The Willing
Fela Kuti – Jeun K’oku (Chop & Quench)
Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble – Fela Dey
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra – R.O.C.
The Souljazz Orchestra – Freedom No Go Die
The Whitefield Bros. – Chokin’


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