New Band Crush: The Fling

12 Oct

The new band crush to have recently crossed my desk is The Fling, a four piece who hail from Long Beach CA. The band started a few years ago and include brothers Dustin (guitars & vocals) & Graham Lovelis (bass & vocals), drummer Justin Ivey and Justin Roeland on guitar, keyboards & vocals. The quartet are neo-traditionalist rockers that feel comfortable in a continuum of newer bands like Dawes, Dr. Dog, Delta Spirit, Fleet Foxes. Yet, they tip their musical hats towards the Lennon/Harrison axis, Flying Burrito Brothers (there’s some great pedal steel on the album) and the occasional CSN&Y. For some reason they also remind of Jellyfish. Maybe it’s the power. Maybe it’s the pop. Either way, their self-released debut full length When The Madhouses Appear is a fantastic debut (extra points for cover above). There’s rockers and ballads, harmonies and loud melodic electric guitars (additional extra points for guitar solos and aforementioned pedal steel). Grab the MP3 below; you won’t be disappointed. Then go and buy the record. Check out the video below for “Wanderingfoot.” They’re on a nice long tour so you should try to catch them and we’re hoping for a Philly date soon.

Download: Strangers – The Fling


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