From WXPN: The Key Studio Sessions (free) digital sampler

5 Oct

Okay. So I’ve lived in Philly all my life and Philly music has long been in my blood since the very first time I heard and fell in love with my favorite all time song, La La Means I Love You by The Delfonics on WFIL back in the late Sixties when I was a wee lad. Since then I have seen and heard the best and worst of Philly over the decades. That said, I can’t think of a more creative time in the local music scene here since the mid-to-late 80’s and at this moment in time, The Scene Is Now. Philly is creatively surging and has been on the upswing for the last few years. As you can imagine, programming a radio station in Philly (WXPN) as I do we get tons of local music. And we play lots of local music. We’ve got some local hosts who follow the scene closely and are typically uncovering some amazing stuff. With the idea of giving more exposure to the local music scene here we launched a new local music web site about a month ago that is capturing (some of) the current state of Philly creativity in the local Philly music scene. That site is called The Key and each Wednesday we drop The Key Studio Sessions, in studio performances recorded at WXPN in our World Cafe recording studio.

We recently dropped a digital sampler of 14 local bands recorded for our studio sessions that you can grab here. It captures some of the great stylistic energy of the local Philly music scene that I encourage you to check out. Who’s on it? Well, you may not recognize many of these names however the line up includes: East Hundred, The Great Unknown, Drink Up Buttercup, Dangerous Ponies, Adam And Dave’s Bloodline, Birdie Busch, The Sky Drops, Adam Taylor, Kingsfoil, Mischief Brew, Busses, Fantasy Square Garden, Audible and featured below a tune from Gemini Wolf.

If you, like I, are into music regardless of how “local” it is or isn’t, then download this sampler, pass it around and tell your friends to do the same.

Download this: Owl Song – Gemini Wolf


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