The Rustic Stylings of Doug Paisley’s Alt-Country/Not Alt-Country

2 Oct

Toronto singer-songwriter Doug Paisley starts a North American trek on October 10th that begins in BK NYC with a stop on Philly on Wednesday Oct 13th at the Highwire Gallery. Doug’s new album, Constant Companion on No Quarter Records is filled with understated, hauntingly laid back songs; it’s a distant cousin to early gems from The Band, Townes Van Zandt and Fleetwood Mac, and the wonderful simplicity of songs like “You And I” by Wilco and Neil Young’s “Helpless.” To fold Paisley into the alt-country category would be a disservice, although he has been lumped in to that genre. What Paisley professes is a rustic, roots-folk matter of song fact thing, and it’s a think he does quite well. And speaking of Wilco and The Band, Paisley’s album features a handful of guests including Feist (who sings on Wilco’s “You And I”) and Garth Hudson of The Band. Grab a couple songs below; once he’s finished on the East he’s bound for Louvulle and Chitown, then hits the trail in Canada.

Download: What About Us – Doug Paisley
Download: What I Saw – Doug Paisley (w/ Leslie Feist)


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