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20 Sep

LA’s Heavy Young Heathens recently dropped a heavy new EP (free for you if you go to their website) to followup their 2009 self-titled debut album, a collection of power pop inspired psychedelic garage rock. Brothers Aron and Robert Mardo make a glorious mess of sound for a two piece, and the EP has become one of my favorite records this year. The brothers showcase their melodic and rhythmic dexterity with a lot of confidence and great songs. Musically, Heavy Young Heathens play bass & drums, then layer in theremin and keyboards into the songs. The six songs breeze through a number of styles; from the Who-like “Young Man Blues” of “Make Room For The Youth” to the the McCartney vibes of “Daylight Breaks.”
Here’s a taste of one song from their recent EP and below are some of the band’s favorite songs/videos with some commentary I asked them to add.

Feel the noise, download this song: Make Room For The Youth – Heavy Young Heathens

Chemical Brothers, “Let Forever Be” – “Never has there been a better pairing of audio and video than Let Forever Be by the Chemical Brothers featuring Noel Gallagher on vocals. One of the rare examples of how an amazing video can make an already great song even better. But then again, Michel Gondry seems to be good at that.”

PJ Harvey, “Big Exit” – “PJ Harvey is so fu**ing sexy. Her songs. Her voice. The rawness of her albums. And most of all, her intense desire to do something no one else is doing or expects her to. “Big Exit” from Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea is some of her best work and a favorite of mine.”

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, “Talk About the Blues” – “There is only room in this world for one man to have so much presence, sweat so much creativity, deliver every word with such brutal honesty and possess an internal instinct that goes unmatched and that man is Jon Spencer.”

Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings, “There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang” – “From 1978’s I Would Like to See You Again, Johnny Cash and Waylon  Jennings team up for this one. Need I say more?”

Kasabian, “Vlad The Impaler” – “The brilliance of Sergio Pizzorno’s songwriting, Dan the Automator’s productions and Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh in a cape running around impaling people. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum was by far the best record of last year.”

National Skyline- “Do You?” – “National Skyline showcases the genius that is Jeff Garber. “Do You?” is a fitting example of just how good he is at creating not only great songs, but crafting picturesque productions that compliment his vision and bring you in.”


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