New Sharon Van Etten

16 Sep

Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten really hit my radar when she became the first musician chosen to launch WXPN’s and Weathervane Music’s music incubation partnership Shaking Through. The song she cut for that session, “Love More” is included on her new album Epic on Ba Da Bing Records.
Believe it or not, as gorgeous and as haunting as that song is, there are others as equally as good on the album. The song ‘Don’t Do It,” which has quickly climbed to the top of the SVB charts, is an absolute stunner. While I love the more intimate side of Sharon’s songs, she’s outdone herself on “Don’t Do It.” It builds in a haze of rockness and then just completely takes off. And the whole “do it/don’t do it” love plot line is aching and sad yet liberating at the same time. We’ve all been there and Sharon completely captures that “thing.” The song has also got one big fat hook that I dare you not to be able to get out of your head after just one listen. Extra points for dedicating the record to Fleetwood Mac.

Download Don’t Do It – Sharon Van Etten

Here’s the song she cut for Shaking Through that is also on her new album.
Download: Love More – Sharon Van Etten


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