PS I Love You Are Destroying Me

2 Sep

I just can’t put my finger on their sound, but I’m drawn to it. In fact I’ve been so drawn to it, I’ve listened to this record in its entirety seven times in the last three days. The album: Meet Me At The Muster Station by the Kingston, Ontario duo of Paul Saulnier & Benjamin Nelson PS I Love You. This is not the generic indieblogrock you’re so used to being unimpressed by. It’s a relentless 10 song-less-than-30 minute collection of messy, noisy, glamorous indierock and roll. It’s like Dinosaur Jr & Archers of Loaf all wrapped up in over-the-top melodies & pounds of soundz. The album is out October 5th and the band are touring touring touring through October with no sleep until CMJ where they play like 200 shows. Possibly a fan of Kiss and definitely a fan of Guitar Wolf, this records’ got the goods. Trus me on this.

Download: 2012 – PS I Love You

Pre-order the record here


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