Eleven & The Falcons’ surrealistic willows

11 Aug

These Eleven & The Falcons kids are quite the experimental charmers. The three piece (Christian Church, Ali Maladi, & Mayor Prankster) recently released their debut album on for free on KillerPOP Records called The Death Vine. Self-indulgent, cacophonous, pretty & poetically skewed these grab-you-by-the-balls surrealistic popsters are like the bastard children of Animal Collective, VU, Spacemen 3 and The Beatles’ “Number 9.”

Download these songs then go grab the album.

Tigersticks – Eleven & the Falcons
Best Of The Canopies – Eleven & The Falcons

Check out Christian’s web site here

2 Responses to “Eleven & The Falcons’ surrealistic willows”

  1. Christian BC August 12, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    Oh, wow. You deserve a kiss on the mouth. Thanks for the succulent review. Love the blog. We’ll put a post about it on our site.


  1. Review on Some Velvet Blog « Eleven &the Falcons - August 13, 2010

    […] over at Some Velvet Blog stumbled across our band and album and decided to post about both in an incredibly generous way. Or maybe we really are that good. At any rate, check out his fantastic music blog, chronicling […]

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